Bank of Canada Lowers Interest Rates

Posted on Jun 07, 2024

Exciting Update in Real Estate and Finance! 

The Bank of Canada has just lowered its overnight lending rate from 5% to 4.75%! This is the first rate cut in four years, and it could have a big impact on the housing market.While the economy is still showing some excess capacity and GDP growth is slow, there's good news: core inflation is easing, even...

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Top Reasons Homebuyers Are Investing in Presales

Posted on May 27, 2024

Homebuyer Incentives

One of the primary reasons homebuyers are gravitating towards presales is the array of incentives offered by developers. These incentives can significantly reduce the financial burden on buyers. They often include discounted pricing, which allows buyers to secure a property at a lower cost than the market value at completion. Ad...

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